How To Deal With Grief and Trauma

26 Turiya Hanover on Grief in the First Year and Coming out of Trauma

February 06, 2023 Season 3 Episode 26
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma
26 Turiya Hanover on Grief in the First Year and Coming out of Trauma
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma +
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Show Notes

Today on the podcast I have the honor to be speaking with Turiya Hanover for the second time, revisiting her first year of grief over the loss of her partner Maia and the associated trauma. 

Turiya and I share a passion: befriending death. Not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of passions but you will enjoy listening to this episode if you are interested in looking behind the veils of life, birth, death, and everything in between.

*Just a note on the sound quality of this episode: Given I recorded this during my sabbatical in South Africa with a different microphone than usual, the sound quality is slightly different.  

About this week’s guest 

Turiya is the co-founder of Path Retreats and the transformational process - Path of Love with Rafia Morgan. Together they also lead a one-year Holistic Counsellor training for therapists called Working with People – School of Counselling. 

She has been trained in many different modalities such as Gestalt, Bioenergetics, Psychodrama, Family Therapy (V. Satir), NLP, Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing™ (Peter Levine), Ego Psychology, Family Constellation, Enneagram and Astrology, and Essence Work.

Turiya's personal journey into human development started when she did her first 2-year Jungian Psychotherapy course aged 22, followed by an encounter workshop in 1970 in Germany. The revelation and exploration of this Humanistic Psychology approach took Turiya by surprise. The internal shift that she experienced was so profound, that she and her husband, set on a new course of human discovery, which led them to India. Through learning meditation, living, and working in a community under the guidance of a master, she developed a unique approach in working with people that is a synthesis of eastern insights, living awareness and western approach to humanistic psychology.


Topics discussed in this episode

  • Reviewing the first year of grief and trauma
  • The ongoing connection felt with Maia
  • The fear of abandonment
  • Loneliness, aloneness, being alone and feeling alone
  • Preparing for death in the later stages of life
  • Death-defying culture versus befriending death

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Stephen Jenkinson


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