How To Deal With Grief and Trauma

15 Amie Lands | Child Loss, Cancer and Life’s Trauma

October 17, 2022 Season 2 Episode 15
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma
15 Amie Lands | Child Loss, Cancer and Life’s Trauma
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma +
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Show Notes

Today I speak with Amie where she shares how her life started with the loss of connection to her father due to mental illness and the challenging relationship with her alcoholic mother. 

Amie then became pregnant for the first time, but her daughter Ruthie died after 33 days. 
 At 36 years, Amie was diagnosed with neck cancer which was successfully treated. She then shares how they moved across the States and their truck caught fire with many of their belongings including Ruthie’s memories gone. 

Dealing with all those extreme situations, Amie learned and practiced one thing:

‘I live in this moment. I try not to think too much ahead of what's to come next or what so many call future tripping. I don't put myself in what could happen and so I really truly live today. I have a calendar and plan ahead, but I really just try and be in this moment.’

About this week’s guest 

Amie Lands is the author of Navigating the Unknown, Our Only Time, Perfectly Imperfect Family, and the Tending to Your Heart series. She is a cancer survivor, founder of The Ruthie Lou Foundation, and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. Since her daughter’s brief life, Amie’s passion is offering hope and providing support to bereaved families. Amie lives in South Carolina, United States with her husband and their two sons.

Amie’s website:

Instagram: @amielandsauthor

Topics discussed in this episode

  • Early loss of her father through mental illness
  • Early child loss and pregnancy after loss
  • A neck cancer diagnosis at the age of 36
  • Moving across the States and a fire that destroyed many personal belongings
  • How to love somebody that isn’t part of your life
  • Learning to ask for help

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • The Me You Can’t See (show on mental illness, Apple TV)


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