How To Deal With Grief and Trauma

4 Turiya Hanover on The Loss of Significant Partners in Life

July 18, 2022 Nathalie Himmelrich Season 1 Episode 4
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma
4 Turiya Hanover on The Loss of Significant Partners in Life
How To Deal With Grief and Trauma +
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Show Notes

Today I speak with Turiya, who – among other losses and traumas - shares the turning point in her life when she lost her then 33-year-old husband Welf von Hannover in 1981. Her relationship with death, the impermanence of physical life significantly changed another time with the loss of her beloved partner Maja 6 months ago, where she experienced something, she never had before: 

‘Then one night the message came, and it was: Love Is All. And there was such a strong feeling. Love is the bond that brings us over the bridge and that brings two things into oneness, that overcomes the separation. In this case, the separation is a loss of the physical body. But the heart and the love are there. Love Is All.’ 

Turiya’s story is deeply moving and will encourage you to look for something beyond the physical. 

About this week’s guest 

Turiya is the co-founder of Path Retreats and the transformational process Path of Love with Rafia Morgan. Together they also lead a one-year Holistic Counsellor training for therapists Working with People – School of Counselling

Read Turiya's bio in the extended show notes

Topics discussed in this episode

  • The death of her grandfather when she was 7 years old 
  • The sudden and unexpected death of her husband Welf von Hannover at the age of 33 years old at the Osho Ashram
  • The lacking understanding of shock and trauma in the 80s
  • The fear of death always being present
  • Living in a culture that avoids death and experiences a lack of connection to the formless
  • Osho’s death
  • Maja's death
  • Grief and the loneliness can make one feel orphaned by existence
  • The importance of contact in the face of grief

Resources mentioned in this episode

  • Quote by Carlos Castaneda:
    Death is our eternal companion. It is always to our left, an arm's length behind us. Death is the only wise adviser that a warrior has. Whenever he feels that everything is going wrong and he's about to be annihilated, he can turn to his death and ask if that is so. His death will tell him that he is wrong, that nothing really matters outside its touch. His death will tell him, I haven't touched you yet.'
  • A Year to Live: How to Live This Year as if it Were Your Last by Stephen Levine


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